Kim Sears serves up foul-mouthed rant during Andy Murray’s Australian Open semi-final

Andy Murray fought off Tomas Berdych in a tense semi-final battle at the Australian Open on Thursday night, but it was a foul-mouthed volley served up from the stands that sent the online world into a spin.

Murray was forced to defend his fiancee, Kim Sears, at his post-match press conference after she was captured on camera appearing to rant at Murray’s Czech opponent.

In footage that quickly went viral on social media, a riled-up Sears was shown mouthing what some have interpreted as the words “f—ing have it you Czech flash f—” as Murray broke back in the first set.

There is some contention over the precise wording of her rant. One lip reader who examined the footage suggested Sears said ‘F—ing have that you flashy Czech, you flashy f—“, while another thought she said “F—ing have that Czech you fat old f—.”

Whatever the precise wording, there was general consensus that Sears was not wishing Berdych well.

After clinching the match 6-7, 6-0, 6-3, 7-5 to reach his fourth final in Melbourne, Murray defended Sears’ outburst during what he said was an intense match.

Murray attributed the atmosphere to the pre-match focus on his former coach, Dani Vallverdu, who is now working with Berdych.

“In the heat of the moment, you can say stuff that you regret,” the Wimbledon champion said after the match.

“When there’s a lot of tension surrounding something, which you [the media] created, it’s completely normal that the whole first set everyone was tight.”

Murray also claimed Berdych found the atmosphere difficult to handle.

“Even Tomas, who very rarely says anything on the court … there was tension there for him as well,” he said.

Footage of the the outburst was being shared on social media shortly after it aired, even attracting comments from former British tennis player Anne Keothavong. ” @BenRothenberg: Forget how big the diamond is; THIS is what true love is made of. #ausopen” f****** hilarious! — Anne Keothavong (@annekeothavong) January 29, 2015

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